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Family Support and Child Welfare Administrative Letters

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SUBJECT: Policy on Abducted or Runaway Foster Children

DATE: October 21, 2002


ATTENTION: County Directors

Children’s Services Supervisors

The purpose of this letter is to inform you of new policy requiring each county Department of Social Services to have a plan concerning abducted or runaway foster children (children in your custody or placement authority). With the events around the cases in Florida and other states, we have established policy that defines what should be in a plan for abducted and runaway foster children. Your plan must include prevention and recovery strategies. The attachment explains the requirement and outlines the various elements of prevention and recovery to be included in each agency’s plan. Please insert the attached policy as pages 12a and 12b in Chapter IV: Child Placement Services, Section 1201, subsection I (“Overview of Child Placement Services”). We encourage you to develop and implement your plan expediently, as this supports our mission of ensuring safe, permanent, nurturing families for children.

In addition, please be aware that each county DSS agency is instructed to inform the Division’s Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children administrator of the presence of any child placed in North Carolina by another state or agency in violation of the Compact. The telephone number is (919) 733-9465.

The Division does not have the capacity to broadcast statewide messages concerning abducted or runaway children. As part of the development of your plan, you are encouraged to discuss with law enforcement the feasibility of using their broadcast resources when foster children are abducted or have run away.

If you have additional questions about this letter and attachment, please contact the Children’s Services Policy and Initiatives Team at (919) 733-4622.


cc: Pheon Beal Children's Services Team Leaders

Sherry Bradsher Children's Programs Representatives

Attachment –Policy On Abducted Or Runaway Foster Children

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  For questions or clarification on any of the policy contained in these manuals, please contact your local county office.

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