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Family Support and Child Welfare Administrative Letters

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SUBJECT: Revised Standards

DATE: November 15, 2001

EFFECTIVE DATE: December 1, 2001

ATTENTION: Children's Services Social Workers

Children's Services Supervisors

Attached to this letter is a revised edition of the Standards for Children's Services to become effective 12/01/01. The revision includes five new Standards and ten revised Standards. The new edition is being issued as a result of the federal Child and Family Services Review conducted in March, 2001. All revisions are in bold type. With the addition of the new Standards, the numbering has changed. Please destroy the previously issued Standards for Children's Services dated July, 2000 and begin using the attached revised Standards for Children's Services. The Program Management Standards will remain the same.

A. New Standards

Please make sure that all child welfare staff are informed of these changes and receive any necessary clarification and training. If you have questions relating to the Standards for Children' Services, please your CPR or the Children’s Services Policy and Initiatives Team at (919) 733-4622. Thank you for your attention to these important changes.


Charles C. Harris, Chief Children's Services Section

Attachment-Standards for Children’s Services-Program Management
-Standards for Service Delivery

cc: Pheon Beal

Sherry Bradsher

Children's Services Team Leaders

Children's Services Program Representatives

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