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Child Support Services ENFORCEMENT

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    1. An overview of consumer credit reporting;
    2. Definitions of terms used in the consumer credit reporting;
    3. The benefits of consumer credit reporting;
    4. The authority to report to consumer credit agencies;
    5. The requirement to provide notice of and opportunity to contest consumer credit reporting;
    6. Contesting the reported information;
    7. Conditions when credit bureau reporting is not appropriate;
    8. Ongoing procedures after the initial reporting;
    9. Requests for information from credit bureaus;
    10. The consumer credit reporting process.
    1. It serves as an incentive to make prompt and consistent payments to avoid a negative report;
    2. It is effective for self-employed parents who may be dependent on credit to operate a business;
    3. It limits other debts that can interfere with parents' ability to pay child support;
    4. A credit report can be a source to substantiate income and aid in securing additional credit.
    1. The NCP is not the person named in the notice.
    2. The debt listed in the notice is not correct.
    1. The NCP lives in another state and North Carolina is the Initiating state in an Interstate action.
    2. The CSS case is closed.
    3. The NCP has not been provided proper notification of the trade line process.
    4. The notice of trade line reporting has returned to the local CSS office as undeliverable.
    5. The court has ordered that trade line not be used on the case.
    1. Good standing - less than sixty (60) days delinquent;
    2. Sixty (60) days past due;
    3. Ninety (90) days past due; and
    4. Seriously delinquent - over ninety (90) days past due.

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