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Child Support Services ENFORCEMENT

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    1. Whether or not the evidence is sufficient to prove the charge beyond a reasonable doubt;
    2. Whether or not a pattern exists of repeated flight from state to state to avoid payment or flight after service of process for contempt or contempt hearing;
    3. Whether or not a pattern of deception to avoid payment exists, such as repeatedly changing employment, concealing assets or location, using false Social Security numbers, or hiding assets and income for self-employed parents;
    4. Whether or not the NCP has failed to make support payments after being held in contempt of court;
    5. Whether or not the NCP's failure to make child support payments is connected to other potential federal charges such as bankruptcy fraud or federal income tax charges;
    6. The degree of noncompliance demonstrated by the NCP from the inception of the child support obligation;
    7. The amount of past due obligation;
    8. The strength of the evidence demonstrating the defendant's ability to pay past due child support payments; and/or
    9. The availability of an adequate non-federal criminal, civil, or administrative alternative to federal prosecution.

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