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Child Support Services ENFORCEMENT

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    1. The passport denial policy;
    2. The passport denial process;
    3. Contesting a passport denial determination;
    4. Passport reinstatement policy;
    5. Passport reinstatement process;
    6. Passport reinstatement for members of the military;
    7. Energency passport reinstatement policy;
    8. Emergency passport reinstatement process.
    1. Provide the NCP with a copy of the "Passport Reinstatement Information/Instructions" document.
    2. Explain the reinstatement process to the NCP:
    3. Obtain the following information from the NCP to assist in processing the request and for statistical purposes:
    4. Send a request to the Tax Intercept Unit, asking them to process the request for removal of the passport denial and providing the information that was obtained from the NCP in Step #3.
    1. Verify that the NCP's arrearage balance has been reduced to zero ($0.00).
    2. Document local CSS’s request that the NCP’s name be removed from the passport denial file, including the reason for reinstatement.
    3. Request that OCSE remove the NCP's name from the passport denial file. OCSE notifies the Department of State when the restriction has been lifted.
    1. Determine that the request meets all aspects of an emergency situation.
    2. Obtain a copy of the death certificate, a letter from an attending physician, or Red Cross verification (as proof of the emergency).
    3. Prepare and fax an Emergency Passport Reinstatement Request form to the Tax Intercept Unit at the CSS Central Office.
    4. Give the NCP a copy of the "Passport Reinstatement Information/ Instructions" document to use when contacting the passport agency.

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  For questions or clarification on any of the policy contained in these manuals, please contact your local county office.

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