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Child Protective Services- Change Notices

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November 29, 2007


Family Services Services Manual, Volume 1: Children’s Services, Chapter VIII: Section 1426, 1427, 1428

CHANGE NO: 07-2007


County Directors of Social Services


CPS Program Managers and Supervisors

CPS Social Workers


Clarifications and updates to current policy


December 3, 2007

The purpose of this change notice is to outline changes to multiple sections of the manual. These changes and updates are a result of the release of Chapter V, Jurisdiction in Child Welfare, the workgroup on Expunction and county requests to clarify policy.

With the revision of Chapter V, it affected many other sections in Chapter VIII. We will be reviewing each section of the manual and will make the necessary changes coinciding with Chapter V accordingly.

The changes in sections 1426 Central Registry and 1428 Confidentiality reflect a request to clarify when confidential information can be released. This includes clarity surrounding conducting kinship assessments and access to the Central Registry versus the RIL. When conducting a kinship assessment during an open CPS assessment the Central Registry may be used. However, once the CPS assessment is completed the RIL is to be accessed for any further kinship assessments, not the Central Registry. This supersedes current policy in Chapter IV, Section 1201 that discusses kinship- assessments.

Section 1427 Expunction, has been updated to reflect the Administrative Letter dated January 5, 2007 and other policy updates that are a result of the expunction workgroup. The majority of these updates are minor language changes. The major changes will affect how data is entered into the system through the DSS-5104 and the DSS-5104a. New codes have been created that will be automatically populated to more clearly indicate the status of an individual on the RIL. The dss-5104 has two new forms associated with it, the DSS-5104c that is a continuation page when multiple children are in a family and the DSS-5104P when there are multiple perpetrators. This should help alleviate multiple DSS-5104’s being entered when there are multiple children or perpetrators.

Previous guidance was given regarding Expunction and circumstances that would stay the process. Previously we stated that the filing of criminal charges would stay the Expunction process, that is no longer accurate. To ensure that all affected individuals receive their due process, the following steps are suggested.

It is suggested that for those individuals that have been informed their Expunction process was stayed until the resolution of their criminal charges, you determine the current status of their criminal case. If the criminal charges have now resulted in a criminal conviction, no action would be required. For those cases where the criminal charges are still pending or have been dismissed, it is suggested that a follow up letter be mailed to the individual indicating that their Expunction request may proceed. The Expunction process would then resume and proceed according to policy.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Terri T. Reichert, CPS Policy Consultant, at (919) 733-4622 or by email at terri.reichert@ncmail.net .

Instructions: Please remove Sections 1426, 1427 and 1428


Chapter VIII :



Section 1426

Section 1427

Section 1428


Sherry S. Bradsher


JoAnn Lamm


Sarah Barham


Family Support and Child Welfare Team Leaders


Children’s Program Representatives


Work First Program Representatives


Local Business Liaisons

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  For questions or clarification on any of the policy contained in these manuals, please contact your local county office.

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