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Chapter XII-Pregnancy Services

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VIII. Financial Resources

A. Relatives

B. Private Insurance Coverage

Medical insurance policies vary widely in the type of coverage and amount they will pay. Any existing health insurance policy should be explored for possible benefits. The expectant mother may be covered under her parents' medical insurance, or Tri-Care policy.

C. Employment

More employers are recognizing the right of pregnant women to remain at their jobs as long as the women and their doctors agree they are physically able to do so. Finding a job may be more difficult, particularly if the pregnancy is advanced. Those clients with office skills might be able to find employment through a temporary employment agency. Some maternity homes try to help residents find employment outside the home if clients so desire.

D. Public Assistance

Pregnant women whose family income is no more than 185% of the federal poverty level may be eligible for assistance with medical care through the Medicaid for Pregnant Women (MPW) Program. For purposes of determining income under this program, count the income of the pregnant woman and the income of the expectant father if he is in the home, the pregnant woman states he is the father of the unborn child, and he does not deny paternity. The income limit of the pregnant woman is based on the total number of the following persons: the pregnant woman; the number of children she is expecting to deliver; other children of the pregnant woman if they live in her home; the expectant father if he is in the home; and other children of the expectant father, if he and these children live in the home. No resource test is applied and the client does not have to spend down excess income (deductible) in order to be eligible. Coverage cannot be denied to an otherwise eligible client because she is considering releasing her baby for adoption.

E. State Maternity Fund (SMF)

F. State Abortion Fund

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