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SIS Manual Admin Letters

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TO: County Directors of Social Services

ATTENTION: DSS Child Welfare Services Program Administrators and Supervisors

SUBJECT: Services Information System (SIS) ID Number Merge Reports

DATE: June 11, 2010

The Division of Social Services is conducting a multi-phase project to eliminate multiple client IDs for individuals in the Services Information System (SIS). Phase I of the project focuses on combining records (DSS-5027s) for individuals with more than one SIS Client ID within each county (referred to as “within-county merges”.) Phase II of the project, which will begin later this year upon the completion of Phase I, will involve combining records of individuals with more than one ID as the result of being served in more than one county (referred to as “cross-county merges”.) Previous references regarding this project include: DCDL PM-REM-01-09 (CWS-03-09); PM-REM-AL- 02-09; DCDL PM-REM-13-2009; and DCDL PM-REM-03-2010. Phase III of the project involves conversion of the current process for assigning Client IDs in SIS to utilization of the Common Name Data Service (CNDS).

Phase I of the Unique Statewide Identifier project consists of several steps. The first step was an automated batch merge of records for individuals in SIS with multiple SIS Client IDs, where the Name, Date of Birth, Sex Code and Social Security Number on each record were exact matches. (To accomplish this match, records in SIS were compared to existing records for individuals in the Common Name Data Service, or CNDS.) Not all records for individuals with multiple IDs were merged during the process; only those with multiple IDs within a single county were merged.

The automated merge took place on the night of April 12, 2010. When an exact match was found, the automated merge process combined the records of those individuals with multiple (Source) SIS ID numbers into one of the existing records, resulting in a single (Target) SIS ID number. The Target ID is now the only valid ID (within a single county) for an individual whose multiple IDs were merged. If a user keys a Source (old) ID in SIS (for example, when performing an Inquiry) a message is displayed returning the current (Target) ID.

Several reports were created in NC XPTR as a result of the automated merge process. Two of the reports, “DHRSYA SYA515 SIS MERGED ID RPT” and “DHRSYA SYA512 CNDS INVALID SSN” are described in DCDL PM-REM-03-2010. DHRSYA SYA515 SIS MERGED ID RPT provides a list of individuals, whose multiple records were merged, including the Source ID(s) that were merged into the Target ID for each individual listed. Counties should refer to this report to insure that for these individuals only the Target ID is now used. This is of particular importance when recording worker time and services delivered on the DSS-4263 (Day Sheet) and when recording Foster Care Caseworker Visits in MRS.

DHRSYA SYA512 CNDS INVALID SSN provides a list of records that could not be merged due to invalid SSNs. Counties must work this report to replace invalid SSNs on these records with valid SSNs. Valid SSNs include verified SSNs or, in situations where an SSN is unknown or unavailable, all zeros (refer to SIS User’s Manual, SIS Client Entry Form (DSS-5027), III. Section A, Field 3.) More detailed instructions for updating the client records are provided in Section II of this letter.

For those individuals with multiple records within a single county whose SIS ID numbers were not merged during the automated process, counties must complete the actions described below to manually merge the records. Section II of this letter lists more reports found in NC XPTR and instructions counties must follow for a successful SIS ID merge.


The following screen displays.

The following Services Information System (SIS) Main Menu screen displays.

This screen is used to update a DSS-5027 that has already been entered in the system. Select Option 2, type the SIS Client ID for the record you wish to update in the KEY field and press Enter.



3. Key the Target SIS Client ID and up to five (5) Source SIS Client ID numbers to be merged into the Target ID. Once keyed, the Target and Source ID(s) will be checked for validity and the records will be evaluated to determine if any conditions exist that would prevent a successful merge.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Counties should exercise diligence and caution when performing merges of SIS records. ONCE MERGED, IT WILL NOT BE POSSIBLE TO UNDO THE ACTION. The act of merging records in SIS extends to multiple systems (Adult Protective Services Register, Central Registry, CPPS and MRS). Due to the complicated nature of this process THERE IS NO WAY TO “UNMERGE” RECORDS MERGED IN ERROR. Care must be taken to insure that individuals identified as Close Matches are indeed one and the same person before merging records.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Performance Management/Reporting and Evaluation Management Section at 919-733-8938.


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  For questions or clarification on any of the policy contained in these manuals, please contact your local county office.

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