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SIS Manual Admin Letters

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TO: County Directors of Social Services

ATTENTION: DSS Child Welfare Services Program Administrators and Supervisors

SUBJECT: Services Information System (SIS) ID Merge Menu Access Instructions

DATE: June 29, 2010

The Administrative Letter, PM-REM-AL-03-10 dated June 11, 2010, describes Phase I of the Unique Statewide Identifier project. Phase I automatically merged records for individuals in SIS with multiple SIS Client IDs, where the Name, Date of Birth, Sex Code and Social Security Number on each record were exact matches. This was accomplished when records in SIS were compared to existing records for individuals in the Common Name Data Service, or CNDS. Not all records for individuals with multiple IDs were merged during the process. Only those with multiple IDs within a single county were merged.

When an exact match was found, the automated merge process combined the records of those individuals with multiple (Source) SIS ID numbers into one of the existing records, resulting in a single (Target) SIS ID number. The Target ID is now the only valid ID for an individual whose multiple IDs were merged. Several reports were created in NCXPTR as a result of the automated merge process. Please refer to the Administrative Letter PM-REM-AL-03-10 for a list of these reports.

In the Administrative Letter PM-REM-AL-03-10, instructions are also provided to assist counties with multiple records within a single county whose SIS ID numbers were not merged during the automated process. Counties must follow these instructions for a successful SIS ID merge.

After all the necessary edits have been made to the individual’s Name, Date of Birth, and Sex on the multiple DSS-5027s, counties must merge the SIS Source ID(s) with the SIS Target ID. To complete this final step select option #8, SIS ID MERGE MENU from the SIS Main Menu. If the error message ‘FUNCTION ACCESS DENIED’ is displayed, contact your Security Officer to have your access updated. The Security Officer must complete an Information Resource Access Authorization Form (IRAAF) and submit it to DHHS Customer Support.

The IRAAF will be used to authorize and process the access to the SIS ID MERGE MENU for county staff. When completing the IRAAF it is important to type, ‘SIS ID ONLINE MERGE’ under the CICSNC16 Region beside SIS – Services Information System (SY05). Please make sure that both boxes marked ‘ADD’ and ‘UPDATE’ are checked. Due to the high volume of IRAAFs submitted to DHHS Customer Support on a daily basis, the turnaround time for granting this access may be impacted. We are requesting these forms be given priority so access may be granted timely.

Counties should exercise diligence and caution when performing merges of SIS records. Therefore access should be given to as few staff members as possible. Once an individual ID is merged, it will not be possible to undo the action. The act of merging records in SIS extends to multiple systems (Adult Protective Services Register, Central Registry, CPPS and MRS). Due to the complicated nature of this process there is no way to unmerge records merged in error. Care must be taken to insure that individuals identified as Close Matches are indeed one and the same person before merging records.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Performance Management/Reporting and Evaluation Management Section at 919-733-8938.

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  For questions or clarification on any of the policy contained in these manuals, please contact your local county office.

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