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SIS - Change Notices

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DATE September 19, 2000

TO: Work First and Services Program Staff

EFFECTIVE: October 1, 2000

The Services Information System User’s Manual has been revised to incorporate the following changes:

Program Code Field Expansion

The Program Code field has been expanded from one (1) alphanumeric position to five (5) alphanumeric positions. The first three positions (1-3), will initially not be used, and will accept only spaces when being keyed. When using the current, single alphanumeric Program Codes (codes A-Z and 0-9), a space is also keyed in the fourth position (4) and the (single alphanumeric) Program Code is keyed in the fifth, or right-most, position (5). A new SIS User’s Manual and a revised form DSS-4263 will be issued. Counties should receive their initial supply of the new DSS-4263 within the next two weeks. The new manual is planned for distribution in October.

Change in Funding Source for Program Code 0 (zero)

Program Code 0, formerly TANF Transferred to SSBG Adopt/Foster, has been changed to 100% Federal TANF funding and is now available statewide. Additional children’s services activities may now be coded to this funding source. Therefore, Program Code 0 will now be named TANF CPS&FC/ADOPT. Use of this funding source is limited to specific workers and to TANF-eligible families only. Refer to the new definition for Program Code 0 and to Children’s Services policy requirements for details.

Service Codes that can be coded to Program Code 0 (zero):

New Service Codes and renamed Program Code

EFFECTIVE: September 1, 2000

Program Code K, Independent Living Program, has been renamed as LINKS (formerly Independent Living Program). The funding source is now the Chafee Foster Care Independence Act Funds. Any questions or concerns about the use of these funds should be directed to Joan Mcallister (733-4622).

Service Codes that can be coded to Program Code K:

New Service Codes and new Program Code

EFFECTIVE: October 1, 2000

Two new Service Codes and a new Program Code, Program Code 10, TANF Domestic Violence, have been added for the provision of domestic violence services to families receiving Work First Services. Please refer to DSS Administrative Letter No. Adult and Family Services 9-2000 for details.

Other Changes

EFFECTIVE: September 1, 2000

Service Code 400-Work First Pilot - Transportation has been changed to 431-Work First Pilot – Transportation.

(This code is valid for Buncombe, Catawba, Davidson and Wake counties only.)


Reports SYA641 - SIS/County Administration Interface Process Service Cost Report Section I: Services Cost By Funding Source and Service and SYA650-1 – Section II: Average Cost – All Funding Sources will no longer be mailed. These reports (and others) can now be accessed using NC X/PTR. Instructions for accessing NC X/PTR may be obtained at the website located at the following URL address (you must have a RACF User ID and Password).


If you have problems accessing NC X/PTR you can call the DHHS Help Desk at 919-733-9100.

The Services Information System (SIS) User’s Manual is now online!

Go to


and follow the links for “On-Line Manuals and Forms”

or go directly to






Appendix B

Appendix B

Pages B-3 - B-6A, dated 06/01/2000

Pages B-3 - B-6A, dated 10/01/2000


Appendix B

Appendix B

Pages B-8A, dated 04/14/2000

Page B-8A, dated 10/01/2000


Appendix B

Appendix B

Page B-20A, dated 02/29/2000

Page B-20A, dated 10/01/2000


Appendix C

Appendix C

Page C-1 - C4, dated 06/01/2000

Page C1 - C4, dated 10/01/2000


Appendix D

Appendix D

Pages D-1 - D-2, dated 04/03/2000

Page D-1 - D-2, dated 10/01/2000


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  For questions or clarification on any of the policy contained in these manuals, please contact your local county office.

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