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DSS FISCAL MANUAL Section III - Developing Cost on the DSS-1571 Report

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Section III-D Title IV-D Child Support Enforcement Program

The purpose of the IV-D Child Support Expenditure report is to report the administrative costs and purchased services costs incurred by county DSS agencies or county designated non-DSS agencies so they can be reimbursed from funds available from the Division for the Child Support Enforcement program. All cost reported must be in compliance with the provisions of Section II of this Fiscal Manual and provisions and policies of Child Support Enforcement.

General Information

Reports of administrative program costs and purchased services are prepared by county DSS and non-DSS IV-D agencies and submitted to the County Administration Accounting Unit. Reports are to be submitted in accordance with the instructions contained in this section.

Counties which operate the IV-D Program may enter into a contract between the sheriff and the DSS Director (or the IV-D Director for counties where IV-D is not under the DSS) in which reimbursement claims are based on the total annual cost of sheriff’s services provided on behalf of IV-D as documented in the indirect cost allocation plan. Under this method, one-twelfth of the annual total identified in the indirect cost allocation plan for sheriff’s services would be reported each month on the DSS-1571 with the new Part II code under the title of “IV-D Government Service Contract”. This new Part II code should be used for the former Type Expenditure Code A for Purchase of Service Contract Government found on the former form DSS-1321 that was previously used for reporting these costs.

l. Form Format

2. Forwarding

1. Personnel Cost Statement, Part 1C

2. New Part II Codes to claim reimbursement through the DSS-1571 for the Title IV-D Child Support Enforcement Program have been established to replace reporting previously submitted on the DSS-1321.

3. Part II Codes and Descriptions of expenditure types are as follows:

4. Administrative Cost Statement, Part II

5. Recipient Data and Related Costs, Service Programs

6. Requirements for Completion of Part IV by IV-D Agencies

Form DSS-2239 - Legal Services IV-D Bill

l. Form DSS-2239 must be completed by the attorney and submitted to the local Child Support agency each month. As a substitution, a form developed detailing all of the required information from the DSS-2239 form is permissible.

2. Categories of legal services eligible for FFP.

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  For questions or clarification on any of the policy contained in these manuals, please contact your local county office.  

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