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Appendix I



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Adjustments to DSS-1571 VII A-1

Administrative Staff III A-2

ADP Equipment II A-4, III B-4

Allocation Formulas VI A-2

Attorney Rates II A-3, III B-6, III C-3

Audit Adjustment VII A-1

Audit Procedures VII B-1


Bad Debts II B-1

Benefits II A-1

Bidding II D-2

Board Member II A-3

Bonds II A-8

Bonuses II A-1

Budget Office Contact Appendix III-1

Building Space II C-3

Business Liaisons Appendix III-2


Capital Expenditures II C-3

CFDA #s V A-11

Child Day Care III C-2

Child Support Fees III C-5

Circular A-87 Contact II F-3

Controller’s Office Contact Appendix III-1

Corrective Action VII A-2

Cost of Space II A-3, II C-3, II D-1

Cost Sharing III C-3

County Administration Accounting Unit Appendix III-1


Data Entry Operator III A-9

Depreciation II E-3

Direct Charging Equipment III B-1

Disposition of Equipment VIII B-14

Documentation I D-1



Entertainment Costs II B-1

Equipment-Definition II A-4

Equivalency III A-16

Expensing Equipment III B-1


Failure to Arrange for Public Assistance VI C-2

Faxing Statement IV A-2

Fines II B-1

Formal Bidding VIII A-2

Function Codes III A-3

Funding Authorizations VI A-1

Furniture II A-4


Income Maintenance III A-2 thru12

Indirect Cost Plan Due Date II E-3

Indirect Cost I C-2, III B-8

Indirect Cost II E-1

Informal Bidding VIII A-2

In-Home Aide III A-11

Insurance VIII B-5

Interest Payments II B-1

Interpreters III B-7

Interim Payment Process VI B-1

Introduction I A-1

Inventory Records I D-1


Janitorial Staff II A-1, III A-1


Land II E-1

Lease II D-6

Lease-Purchase Agreements II A-7

Legal Expenses II A-2

Legal Services (IV-D) III D-5


Mailing Address VI B-1

Maintenance – Major II D-4

Maintenance – Routine II D-3

Maintenance Costs II D-2

Management of Inventory VIII B-1

Management Studies II C-2

Meal II F-26

Memberships II F-33


Notary Public Fees II A-9


Parking Facilities II D-5

Part IA III A-7

Part IB III A-11

Part IC III A-15

Part I Codes III A-3

Part II III B-1

Part II Codes III B-10

Part IV III C-1

Part IV Fund IDs III C-8

Penalty for Late Submittal VI B-2

Personal Computers II C-3

Personnel Costs I D-1

Personnel Non-Compliance VII A-3

Physical Inventory VIII B-2, VIII B-8

Physicians II A-9

Preaudit Certificate VIII A-2

Prior Approval II C-1

Prior Approval Requirements VIII A-4

Procurement Practices VIII A-1

Professional Services II A-1

Psychiatrists II A-9

Purchase Orders VIII A-2

Purchased Attorney Services III C-3


Reconciling the DSS-1571 V A-1

Registration Fees II A-7

Reimbursement Reports I B-1

Rental Purchase II D-6

Repair of Equipment III B-8

Replacement of Equipment VIII B-3

Reporting Indirect Cost II E-1

Retention Records I E-1

Retirees II F-20


Self-Insurance Plans II C-1

Single Audit VII B-1

Staff Attorney III A-14

Standard Useful Life II D-3

State Owned Equipment VIII B-6

Submission of DSS-1571 IV A-1

Supervisors I D-1

Supplies II A-3, III B-8

Support Workers III B-7, I D-1

Surplus VIII B-14


Taxes II A-8

Telephone III B-9

Temporary Employees III A-23

Terminals II C-3

Theft or Misuse of State Property VIII B-16

Training II A-7, III B-9

Transferring State Owned Equipment VIII B-15

Transportation III B-8

Travel II A-7, III B-7


Unallowable Cost II B-1

Use Allowance II E-1

Useful Life II E-3


Vehicles II A-5

Volunteers III A-24


XPTR/Access Codes Appendix IV-1

XPTR New User Access I B-2

NEW UPDATES 4th Qtr 15-16

Records Retention Contact I-E

Attorney Services II-A

New Codes Part 1 III-A

Organization Changes Appendix III

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  For questions or clarification on any of the policy contained in these manuals, please contact your local county office.  

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